Thursday, 16 April 2015

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag: The Secret Aryan Way

FOLLOWING on from our 2014 publication, Wulf: Collected Writings of an English Wodenist, Black Front Press is proud to present a second volume from someone who has perhaps done more than any other to advance our historical and linguistic research into North European spirituality from a decidedly Anglo-Saxon outlook. Beginning with a detailed analysis of the thirty-three runes of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, including their definitional and etymological significance, the author sets out the foundations of his unique system. A subsequent chapter examines the runes in light of their importance to the English Awakening, the mission said to be faced by all Woden initiates in their efforts to awaken the Folk to their divine destiny and, thus, help them evolve towards a higher state of consciousness. Wulf then deals with the Rune-Gealdor and seeks to unearth the primal sounds of the runes themselves, before moving on to address the nature of the Common Germanic Futhark and the twenty-four runes of which it is comprised. This process also involves a thorough-going examination of the actual origins of these sacred symbols, before moving on to provide an outline of the Aryan Roots that will enable the serious rune-worker to establish yet further meanings for the runes. Drawing upon the work of Miguel Serrano, as well as touching upon the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche, the author then looks at the esoteric significance of the spinal column. Made up of 24 vertebrae broken into three sections of seven, twelve and five, it appears in the form of a serpent and can be linked to Mount Me-Ru (Meru), a name for the Holy Mountain of the North. Another fascinating chapter surrounds Wulf's discussion of the Graal Runes, the final three staves of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc (Calc, Stan and Gar) which are related to objects that occur in the Graal Legends: the Cup, the Stone and the Spear. The reader is also introduced to the six-pointed ‘Snowflake’ pattern known as the Hag-All, or All-Hag, representing the basic shape that can be found within the Nine Glory-Twigs and originating from an ancient glyph known as the Seed of Life. The author continues with an investigation into the secret of the ALU-ULA and its relation to Amergin's Cauldron of Poesy and the Three Cauldrons of Chinese lore; goes on to present the runic postures of a complex martial arts system known as the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag (Code of Arya), which seeks to utilise and build upon the Armanen Runes devised by Guido von List; and, finally, concludes his work with an outline of nine spiritual exercises that involve methods of controlled breathing and intense concentration. This well-researched and illuminating text is brought to you by one of Europe's most respected and prolific runologists.

April 28, 2015. Black Front Press. Paperback, 280 pp. The price includes free postage to anywhere in the world. To order this title or for any other information, please click here.

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