Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Albion Awake: Mystical Anarchism and the National Quest for an Alternative Britain

THE HISTORY of Anarchism is one of betrayal and ignorance; of misappropriation and infiltration by the Left, and misrepresentation and demonisation by the Right. Wayne John Sturgeon, who has been a dedicated activist for more than two decades, is an exception to the rule. He does not accept the 'divide-and-rule' strategy that pits Left and Right at one another's throats, but neither does he wish to perpetuate either of these narrow political constructs in any way, shape or form. Indeed, Wayne's vision, inspired by the unique art and poetry of William Blake (1757-1827), posits a future Britain centred on the radical values of spirituality, national pride and decentralisation, but it is also something which completely transcends the corrupt ideologies of both private and state capitalism. The articles in this book, drawn from a variety of sources, include Anarcho-Nationalism; British Mythology and the Emergence of a Folk Radicalism; Anarchist Integralism and the Conservative Revolution; Anarcho-Illuminism; The Free Market and the Tyranny of Statism; Anarcho-Monarchism; The Anarch vs. The Anarchist; Anarcho-Synarchy and Cathar Imperium; Christian Anarchism; Anarcho-Gnosticism and the Golgotha of the Absolute Mind; Anarcho-National-Syndicalism; The Life of Richard Hunt; the Counter-Economics of National-Anarchism; Anarcho-Futurism and F. T. Marinetti; The Mystical Patriotism of William Blake; and Albion Imperium: Metaphysics, Current Trends and Future Paradigms. Edited by Troy Southgate, a personal friend and comrade of Wayne John Sturgeon for many years, this excellent collection should be read by anyone with a serious interest in revolutionary politics.

September 25th, 2014, Black Front Press, paperback, 180pp. The photograph was taken in Bear Road Cemetery, Brighton, and the titles were designed by Zbigniew Bogusławski.

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