Friday, 25 October 2013

National-Anarchism: Theory and Practice

This third volume in our series on politics and revolution continues in a similar vein to that of its predecessors, 'National-Anarchism: A Reader' and 'National-Anarchism: Ideas and Concepts', although here the emphasis is on thought and action. As one of the most exciting and dynamic ideas to have permeated and overcome the tumultuous uncertainly of life in the twenty-first century, National-Anarchism essentially transcends the failed ideologies of both Left and Right. Its vision is one of autonomous village-communities in which political, social and economic decentralisation allows people to express themselves in accordance with their own innate abilities, free from the conformist straight-jacket of plural society. Indeed, just when you thought it was safe to wander off into the realms of apathy and indifference, Black Front Press has arrived with another eleven chapters to educate, motivate, inspire and enthuse. Topics include National-Anarchism: Setting the Record Straight; Anti-Imperialists of the World, Unite! Towards an Anarchist Theory of Geopolitics; War on Revolution! The Counter-Economics of National-Anarchism; Rediscovering Responsibility; All Anarchists Must Die! Zen and the Anarch; Terror State; Anarchism of the Old Believers; Anarcho-Feudalism as Practical Model for National-Anarchism; It Can Be Done, But We Have to Wake Up; Anarchy is Not the Death of the West; and The Politics of Detachment: Beyond Ressentiment and the State. The contributors are Troy Southgate (Editor), Keith Preston, John Howells, Wayne John Sturgeon, Joshua Bates, Craig Fitzgerald, Jamie O'Hara, Justin Gillespie, Neil Hiatt, Colin Lockwood and Rachel Haywire.

November 2012, Black Front Press, paperback, 164pp. The cover was designed by the brilliant Polish artist, Zbigniew Bogusławski.
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