Friday, 25 October 2013

Le Salon: Journal du Cercle de la Rose Noire, Volume Two

INSPIRED by Traditionalist authors like Julius Evola and René Guénon, as well as by Revolutionary Conservative thinkers such as Oswald Spengler, Ernst Jünger, Otto Strasser and Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, the ideas contained in this English-language publication are centred around Philosophy, Culture and Geopolitics. The book, which retains a high academic standard throughout, will be of especial interest to those readers with a penchant for the intellectual theories and concepts discussed by the European New Right. Our team of writers, each of whom are drawn from a variety of different backgrounds and nationalities, all share a common vision. This may be defined as a strong opposition to the decadence of the modern world and a belief in Traditional, eternal values which transcend the contaminating ideologies of liberalism, democracy and egalitarianism. Chapters include Evola and Nasser (Claudio Mutti); The White Light (Pavel Tulaev); Stalin's Fight Against International Communism (K. R. Bolton); Islam in the Eyes of Evola (Claudio Mutti); Rose and Kerouac: Same Origins, Different Outcomes (John Howells); The Island Dragons (Wulf); and Luria the Mystic: Medieval Kabbalah in Jewish Tradition (Troy Southgate).

October 2012, Black Front Press, paperback, 216pp. Male image designed by Matthew Shealy.
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