Friday, 25 October 2013

For My Legionaries

THIS book represents the uncompromising testimony of Corneliu Codreanu (1899-1939), indomitable hero and founder of the Legion of St. Michael the Archangel (Iron Guard). As a Romanian nationalist and young student, Codreanu soon discovered that his ideals and principles had to be vigorously defended against a rising tide of Kremlin-led Bolshevism that came to threaten the liberty and identity of the Romanian people themselves. Beginning with his time at the University of Iasi and active involvement in both the Guard of National Conscience and League of National Defence, the book reveals how Codreanu developed an early belief in Christian National-Socialism before taking it upon himself to represent the interests of students and factory workers in the face of growing hostility from the Zionist-controlled media and the treacherous regime of King Carol II (1893-1953). On June 24th, 1927, the Legion of St. Michael the Archangel came into being and for Codreanu and his supporters the campaign of State repression worsened considerably. The chapters in this highly-essential text include an examination of political organisation and leadership, a look at matter versus spirit, details about the growing population of Jews in Romania, a formulation of Legionary ethics, a discussion of monarchy, law and the differences between democracy and nationhood, an examination of discipline and love, disinterestedness in battle, selection and heredity, the individual and national collectivity, the daily repression and hunger strikes endured by Iron Guard members and the eventual prohibition of the Movement itself. The book also deals with the politics and personalities of the time, as well as with personal events in Codreanu's own life and the sacrifice of his comrades in the 1936 Spanish Civil War. The book ends with a report from a police officer who was present when Codreanu and a group of his comrades were brutally murdered in the Tancabesti woods. Make no mistake, this is one of the most exciting books of the twentieth century and you will not fail to be moved by the stirring words and brave deeds of the characters who laid down their lives for the cause of Romania and Europe.

December 19, 2013, Black Front Press, paperback, 350pp.

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