Friday, 25 October 2013

Bowden: Thoughts & Perspectives, Volume Nine

BOWDEN was a talented artist and produced hundreds of nightmarish caricatures, many of which adorn the front of his novels. He also played the leading role in two remarkable avant-garde films, 'Venus Flytrap' (2005) and 'Grand Guignol' (2009), each directed by Italian film-maker Andrea Lioy. Between 1990 and 1992 Bowden was an active member of the Monday Club, a Right-wing pressure group. In November 1992, Bowden formed the Revolutionary Conservative Caucus along with his associate, Stuart Millson, with the intention of influencing the more traditional elements of the Conservative Party. However, Bowden's flirtation with the Tories was very short-lived and he eventually joined the anti-communist organisation, Western Goals Institute, before working with both the Freedom Party and Bloomsbury Forum. He later became the Cultural Officer of the British National Party (BNP), but resigned in July 2007. His main success, however, came from the time spent as Chairman of the New Right and he spoke to the group on no less than thirty-three occasions. People came from all over Europe and North America to witness Bowden's oratorical prowess and there has never been a more capable speaker on the Right-wing circuit than Jonathan Bowden. He spoke, without notes, on the horrors of communism and totalitarian leftism, the systematic decline of western art, and about Heidegger, Nietzsche, CĂ©line, Riefenstahl, Mishima, Stirner, Junger, Pound, Yeats and many other figures from the revolutionary and traditionalist milieu. This book, which also includes many of Jonathan Bowden's magazine articles, is designed to ensure that his name is remembered for many years to come. The contributors include Troy Southgate (Editor), K. R. Bolton, Lady Michele Renouf, Peter Rushton, Norman Lowell, Wulf, Alex Kurtagic, and John Howells.

May 2012, Black Front Press, paperback, 150pp. Cover Designed by Jeff Harrison.

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See also, Jonathan Bowden: The Speeches, A Collection of Talks Givenat the London New Right, 2012, Black Front Press, paperback, 170pp.