Thursday, 24 October 2013

Behold the Hammer! Nietzsche Under Scrutiny

FOLLOWING on from the successful publication of Nietzsche: Thoughts & Perspectives, Volume Three (2011), which featured written submissions from Troy Southgate and eight other contributors, Troy Southgate has decided to compile a book of essays dealing with the German thinker's approach to issues such as morality, Greek philosophy and the abortive friendship between Nietzsche and the famous operatic composer, Richard Wagner (1813-1883). Whilst having in common the forthright views and opinions of Nietzsche himself, this new collection of articles covers a broad spectrum of subject matter and will hopefully allow the reader to deepen his or her existing knowledge in the field. The author certainly enjoyed writing and researching these topics and it is his wish that you will find the results both enjoyable and informative.

January 2012, Black Front Press, paperback, 150pp. Cover Designed by Jeff Harrison.
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See also, Nietzsche: Thoughts & Perspectives, Volume Three, 2011, Black Front Press, paperback, 352pp.